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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wrought iron CRAB with Explosive ordnance disposal EOD Master Badge

Check out this EOD art newbie.
Oh how I wish you could see this in person. This is an awesome wrought iron crab with a lot of detail.
The crab itself is a brownish blck color and I painted on the top shell a EOD Master badge in silver. 
The top side has been varnished in an indoor/outdoor gloss varnish so you can sit this on your front porch if you like. This crab weighs almost 3 lbs and it is little big for a paper weight but wouldn't it look AWESOME sitting on a desk! This is not something you want to drop on your foot! LOL
Check it out in my etsy shop: wrought Iron EOD Crab

Only made two so you better get one today as I am sure these wont last long!

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