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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New listings in my online shop :o)

Today I am listing a few mixed media art pieces into my zibbet shop.
Some of you may know I have both a etsy and zibbet shop and I am sorry if I confuse anyone when I post my goodies for sale. I try to keep my etsy shop more for my EOD items 
and my zibbet shop for everything else that I create.
Every once in awhile I will list something non EOD to my etsy shop just to spice things up a bit, not to mention I seem to get more hits in my etsy shop. I would love to just have everything in one shop like over in zibbet, but until they can generate more traffic you will still see me listing things in my etsy shop as well.

I do hope you like creations no matter which shop they are in and if you ever have any questions you can always email me.  :)

more to come....

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