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Goodes for Sale

Hello All!
I just wanted to share with you my online stores that you can go to and purchase my item's at.
I have one on ETSY:

and this one on ETSY I really try to keep mainly my EOD art and crafts on, but you will see a few other goodies as well.
But wait.....
I do have a MAIN ONLINE STORE over on zibbet:

Here you will find lots and lots of art and crafts I have done. I really strive to make this my main online store as I don't have to pay any fee's to sell on zibbet so I am able to offer my item's at a lower price in case you were wondering why my items on zibbet seem "cheaper" then on etsy. Currently zibbet only accepts paypal only as it's payment source, however there are always ways around that if you don't want to pay through paypal just send me a mesg. I gladly except checks and money orders.
Of course if you want to go through me directly I can always do that too. 
I do alot of my custom orders this way. :)
So with that all being said, I Thank you all for your time and continued support of my art. I do hope to have you as a new or returning customer at one of my online stores soon!


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