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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When glass attacks... Well kinda...

I know I haven't added anything on here in awhile and there is a reason. Last week while I was trying to work on some glass art, I had reached down to grab some card board and about the second I saw the glass I had mixed in with the cardboard (still have no clue WHY I did that) I had felt it go in between my fingers and hit the knuckle. I immediately snatched my hand up and grabbed it  and said oh this is bad. I ran down the stairs and kicked the front door as my husband and son were out front washing their trucks. I kicked the door hoping they would here it as I didn't want to take my other hand off the hand that was cut. When my husband saw me he was like..let me see it.. when I took my hand off it was not good. We went into the bathroom and put it under running water and OMG it flipped opened and blood started pouring out and I think I about passed out. LOL

Soooo, A trip tot he ER. WOW, in 43 years this was my first trip to the ER. I was crying! The thought of stitches had me shaking. Did I mention I have a fear of needles! So I was petrified of the thought of stitches to say the least.  It was oh 3:50 in the afternoon on Wed. and it was pretty quiet in the ER. As soon as I got their I was getting my vitals one funny thing when the nurse asked me my weight, I said 5 mins..... I thought she was talking how long I had been waiting!!!!! She laughed and said good one! While with her another nurse came and got me and took me back. Finally a DR came in and looked at it and he said he could glue it unless I want stitches... which I was like NOOOOO... plus the nurses already knew I was upset about the

The ER Doctor then cleaned it out...yuk HURT and then added this glue to it which burned like a MO-FO and then I had to wait for it to dry and keep my fingers separated so they wouldn't get stuck together. I have to say my whole time in the ER was just 1 hour and 20 mins. not bad not bad and everyone at Henry Medical were super nice! 
so here is my booboo that required my first trip to the ER... and a few days of non-use:
right after it was glued shut
24 hours later
The next morning the glue on the bottom part had not held and my cut was open and bleeding so I got some strips to put on. My hand was swollen and bruised. The only great thing about this I took in... No washing dishes for 7 to 10 days! WOOT-WOOT LOL
I finally went and found the glass I cut my hand on and on the corner of can still see my blood...ewww
and OUCH!

So what is the moral of this story... 
She who paints on glass... eventually get cut by glass.

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