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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My new hat from The Art of Necking

Forgive my dorkiness here, but I got my crochet hat in the mail from my good friend Frankie over at The Art of Necking and as soon as I got this; I was not even inside the house before it was out of the envelope it came in and on my head!  LOL I took these pictures with my cell phone so she can see I did get it and I just LOVE IT!

 I love the colors she did this in.
I had asked her if she could make me one so when it is cold out and I gotta walk my furry friends I would have a hat that could be cute and cover my ears, but not my earrings ( I hate hats that get caught up in my earrings). Well, she said oh sure I can make that for you in a jiffy. Being that I am a beach girl living in GA (haha) she nailed it with the colors she made this in too.  Thank you Frankie! I think a scarf in these colors is next....... *wink*wink 

Please check out her online store on zibbet
and if you have a special request, don't be afraid to ask.
I asked about making me this hat and she did and I LOVE IT! 


Frankie said...

You are most welcome Gena. :) It was totally made with love too. I can make a scarf. :) I will make one to match :)

Creation's by Gena said...

Frankie aka The Art of Necking..You are the BEST and thank you!