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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little Tell and Show of "The Art of Necking".

 I wanted to do a little show and tell of a few things I have gotten from a wonderful friend of mine.
But first...
The Tell....
I have known Frankie for over 15 years now..WOW I cannot believe it has been that long. 

We first met when we both lived in HI. Our husbands were in the Military and we were stationed there at good 'ol Schofield Barracks. We sure had some good times with our long walks we use to take and our kids were about the same age so we really enjoyed each others company back then. Of course being military spouses, PCS moves took us to other area's and even though we did loose touch a for a short time, we were able to find one another again and have kept in touch ever sense. During the time we lost touch I learned she went to art school which is sooo wonderful and she told me I was one of the inspiration's for her going as she loved to see my stuff. I never knew. Talk about feeling so honored to have touched someone so deeply..gosh.

  I love to see her art work and try to encourage her to paint more and sell her stuff. She also started crocheting (one thing I just can't do) and she makes some cute stuff! One day were were talking about her opening up an online store on etsy and what could she call it?  We came up with the Art of Necking...LOL We came up with that cause... well she crochets scarves and she does art... How funny is that. I love it and think it is such a clever name! 

She sense has opened another store on as well. Currently she has a few item's in her zibbet store, but she promises me that she will be adding some new item's here soon. So please check out her zibbet store  

The Art Of Necking  and give my dear friend Frankie some Love and encouragement. 

Now for a little show...
I asked Frankie to send me some ACEO's/art cards that she started doing. She sent me these wonderful Original hand painted with Oil paints.. 

 I Love them! I have them in a binder where I am trying to collect other aceo's from other artist as well. I need to get 5 more cards from Frankie to fill my page I have dedicated to her aceo art.  heehee So ummm Frankie, if you are reading this... yah, I need 5 more please! LOL

She also just sent these cuuute crochet item's for me to have some fun with.

I just love this little bird pin.

I currently have these pins on my art apron I wear when I am working with paint when I am in my studio. This winter I plan on putting this little birdie on a scarf! I know she has the flowers available in her zibbet store right now. Hopefully soon she will also offer these cute birds! Hint hint Frankie..

So this is my little show and tell of a great Friend and artist I wanted to introduce you to.

Please check out her online store on zibbet and she also has a blog you can follow:
if you like to see more of her works and read her wonderful, wacky blog for some fun facts/info and entertainment! heehee

Frankie, I love you my friend and I wish you MUCH success with your art and crafts!

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Frankie said...

Hi Gena! . Thanks for the shout out and the special "love" that you send me. I love you right back sister! I will share your site on my blog too. Thank you again. :):) And I will send more cards soon. Kids start school this week. Yeah!! ;):)