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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show and tell of "Funky Finds by Funkyartdivadidi"

I wanted to do another show and tell and introduce you to a new artist I just came across on zibbet. Diane of Funkyartdivadidi is such a wonderful person and I love her funky art.

She states "Art is beautiful, colorful, wonderful,art is life! I love to paint, draw, sculpt, make funky jewelry, etc... I can't be me without doing something artistic!" How wonderful is that. As a fellow artist/crafter, I think I feel the same way as she does that art is life! I feel so blessed to be able to make something that makes someone smile and so does Diane.

I have recently bought a few of her funky ACEO's/art cards and I have them in my little binder where I collect aceo's from other artist. I almost have a whole page filled of her aceo's. I just need to get one more to make a complete page..and perhaps just start on a 2nd one! 

If you have a moment please check out her etsy store as she is no longer selling on zibbet.

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