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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a little thank you...

I have made a couple of sales sense this weekend and wanted to say thank you to my wonderful customers!

Thank you Karen for being a wonderful repeat zibbet customer. I hope you enjoy this order :)

 I also like to thank Diane for coming back to my zibbet store for another ACEO. It is truly an honor to have another ACEO artist take interest in my ACEO's :)  heehee I have a few of hers and LOVE THEM!!
Diane bought the Vampire one I call "The Thirst" I made this other one as a companion aceo. 
 I tilted it "Friend or Foe" cause you never know, this bat might be a Friendly fruit bat or a Bad Vampire bat!

I also like to thank April G. for her etsy order of my Frankenstein and Bride tags..
heehee these are fun I must say.

And I would also like to thank Trish W. as she bought one of my original art pendants of my EOD basic badge.

Hope you all like your item's and enjoy :o)

If you are interested in seeing some of my goodies please check out my zibbet online store:
I am currently adding new Fall and Halloween goodies along with more EOD items!

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