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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A little story I wrote...

This afternoon I finally had a chance to type up the story I wrote yesterday of Landon's birth. My mother-in-law did this for me when my son was born and that is what gave me the inspiration for me to do this.  I am going to do a picture book and add this story to it and give it to mommy and daddy. Feel free to read it if you have the time and tell me what you think. I am in no means an author nor an English teacher and to warn you my grammar, punctuation is not good. This is just something I did as a proud Auntie from the heart and for fun.

A little ray of Sunshine

Today is April 1, 2011, April Fools day. However today will not be full
Of jokes and pranks like switching the salt with the sugar and vise versa.
Today you will arrive.

This past week the weather has been down right yucky. Lots and lots of rain.
This morning however it is down right beautiful. The sun is shinning brightly and there is a soft cool wind blowing. A very pretty start for a spring day and for you to make your entrance into the world.

Your Granma and Granpa Johnson were up bright and early this morning.
I didn’t see your mommy or daddy till a little while later. They wanted to try and sleep in this morning, but Jack had other plans. Poor Jack Jack got sick in the dinning room area and upon hearing him your mommy came out of the bedroom. She help little Jack and soothed him and told him it was ok. Later she and I cleaned up his mess. I think he knows something is fixing to happen.  Soon your daddy comes out and their day begins.

Your daddy makes himself a bowl of fruit to eat but your poor mommy can not eat anything till after you arrive. They go about their morning like it was just a regular day. 
They were very calm considering you will be here in just a few hours. 
Your daddy irons his pants while your mommy is in the bedroom getting things ready to take with her to the hospital and doing her special wash to get rid of the nasty germs.

Your big brother Tylr arrives and now we are all ready to head to the hospital. 
Your mommy and daddy and I leave first. I went with them to help out if at all needed.
Your Granma and Granpa Johnson along with Tylr will show up a little while later.
Your daddy is so cute as I watched him help your mommy out loading the van with the goodies she was bringing with her along with his cameras. You can never have to many pictures he said. 

Our drive to the Hospital was uneventful  as your daddy was cautious as he was carrying very precious cargo.  Upon our arrival to the hospital a nurse told your mommy that they moved up your arrival time and that it will be in 45 minutes. Not trying to stress, your mommy goes on with the nurse so she can go get ready and your daddy and I go to the waiting area. Once they have your mommy all prepped up they will call him back to be with her. In the mean time he called your Granma and Granpa Johnson to inform them of the news so they can get here in time. 

The Dr. came and got your daddy and I and we went back to the holding area they had your mommy at before she goes to have you. I could finally see that your mommy and daddy were a little excited and perhaps a little scared of the unknown.

 Your mommy was so cute in here green hospital gown. They told your daddy to put on scrubs so he could go into the operating room with your mommy so he could be there when you were born. He was just a sporting those scrubs too.  

Finally your Granma and Granpa Johnson along with your big brother Tyr arrived just in time to see your mommy and daddy before they went off to the operating room. We laughed at the the silver cap your mommy had to put on her head. Your daddy said that popcorn could be made from it. We then gave our hugs to your mommy and wished her and your daddy luck. As your mommy was heading next door to the operating room they made her drink this stuff. Oh boy. It was nasty. Your mommy was just a coughing and making all kinds of funny faces as she was walking into the operating room while your daddy smiled at her. 

While your daddy was in the OR with your mommy to have you, your Granma and Granpa Johnson, Tylr and I went back to the waiting room to listen out for the baby music to play as the nurse told us that will signal when you were here. 

While we were waiting to hear the news of your arrival your big brother Tylr was playing his little Nintendo game that he brought with him. Granma Johnson was reading a newspaper and Granpa Johnson was trying to figure out how to work this enormous coffee maker that was on the counter.  I was sitting in a chair writing this little story.

We are all so excited sitting here waiting and wondering if you were going to be a boy or girl . See, your mommy and daddy did not want to know till the day you were born. They wanted it to be a surprise.  They didn’t care if you were either. They just hoped you had all 10 fingers and toes and was a healthy baby.

Then we heard it. This faint music. It was the baby lullaby signaling you have arrived. 
Before we knew it your daddy and the nurse that had you in the little carrier was at the waiting room door. Your big brother Tylr went running up to your daddy and he gave him a big oh hug and then announced that you were a BOY!

A bouncing baby boy. 
Preston Landon Johnson born at 11:03am. 

The nurse and you along with your daddy went into the nursery and we all followed and got to watch through the window the nurse taking your vitals and checking you out to make sure you were ok. You were not happy with that nurse poking and prodding you. 
You were so pink and had a good set of lungs showing everyone you were mad at the world for taking you out of your pimp mommy hotel that you had been staying in. 

You weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces and was 20 and ¼ inches long with a head full of blonde hair. A handsome little man. A perfect little boy. 
Once the nurse would stop poking around you would settle down and lay there all content. Your daddy would come over and try and take a picture and you would start to cry again. You must had thought he was going to do something too.

Your Daddy was so proud. You could just see it in his eyes. He watched those nurses real close as they were examining you making sure they didn’t hurt you. 

Your mommy and daddy are so happy to finally meet you as we all are. 
It has been a long 9 months of waiting. Now you are finally here.
 A precious baby boy that warms our soul like a little ray of sunshine.


May this day forward be full of warmth, happiness and much LOVE!

Hugs and kisses,
Your Auntie G.


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet Gena. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to everyone. :)


Ms.Karen said...

Congrats to all!A new member to a family is always wonderful news!