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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Riverside Arts Market venture

I got a wonderful treat yesterday that I wanted to share. My Sister-in-laws Tiffany and Tori along with my father in law Tim took me to this really neat place along the river. Riverside Arts Market. It was really neat. They had food vendors, art and craft vendors, jewelry,clothes,photos,veggies,fruit,flowers, plants and entertainers galore. The view was gorgeous where this event takes place. Sometimes I forget how pretty my home town can be along the river. It kinda reminds me of a open air market.

I got to eat some different too. Tim and Tiffany wanted hotdogs for lunch, but I agreed with Tori that you can make hotdogs anytime. So Tori and I went to this one vendor that she got something before from and liked it and told me I had to try it. So I did. Hmmmm. Interesting. It was white rice, black beans, pulled pork, salsa and then some type of sauce on top. This may sound yuck or yum to some of you, but It was actually good. 
Gotta love street food. heehee Of course we had to eat a funnel cake too. I mean it would be a crime not to.

So I had a great time. The weather was just gorgeous out. I didn't buy anything needless to say. I do more people watching then anything when I go to these type of things cause I feel some of the stuff I see I could make it myself for a lot less if I wanted it. Does that sound bad? heehee
I took a cpl of pictures to share. I tried to get more of the scenery then the actual market area.
Afterwards we went to go see mommy Andi over at the hospital and she and baby Landon are doing well. They will be coming home on Monday. Yeah!

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