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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally, a little collage journaling

The other day in the middle of a thunder storm while I was sitting outside in the screened in room ( while we were on baby watch) I started creating in my mini art journal that Dede gave me to play with while I was down here in FL.

She now has these in her ETSY store and you can get 3 blank ones for 10.00!

Check them out here

I have to tell you the paper she used to create these are really nice. Thicker then cardstock and they hold up very well. I gave it a real test doing this first page or 2 in extreme humid conditions to say the least..heehee

I am happy so far on how this turned out being I have limited supplies here with me. THANK YOU Dede for giving me alot of collage items cause they are coming in handy down here. Although now I have to buy 2 more brushes as the dogs got a hold of them! ugh.

I will post more that I create later :)

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