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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little red riding hood aceo

I wanted to share with you my first sale I made on a new online shop I have where you only sell or trade Aceo's and Atc's. I happen to come across it one day looking for trade groups and thought, hmmm think I will list some stuff on there. I mean why not. It's free. Well, I made my first sale today and my first card was just listed on there on March 2. So not bad I guess. Now, my cards are not overly priced cause I do these for fun and I really think one should be able to buy an original art card at an affordable price. Besides, it isn't like I am some big famous artist...yet. LOL

This one that sold  was created using glass paints to give it a "stained glass look" so to speak. My favorite type of paints to play with I must say.     This is one I created back in 2010 and is 1 of 1

What do you think about this one?
Wonder what could be in the darkness behind this little red riding hood?? I leave that up to your imagination. :0)  

A BIG thank you to Marjorie in MT for her purchase making this my first sale on

You can check out more of what I have to offer by clicking on the pic over on the right hand side of the screen on my blog where you see ACEO or just click here.

Again, Thank you Marjorie, I am very honored and this will be creeping your way shortly. :)

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Creation's by Gena said...

I got an email from Marjorie whom bought this art card and wanted to share:

I received your paintings yesterday. I love them. Thank you so much for the
gift card. Your Little Red Riding Hood Kitty is lovely and so unique! I really
like that technique. I've just joined art cards wanted. Been only doing ebay
and decided to branch out. Thanks again for the wonderful art. Tj Nichols -