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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angel glass art

still wet

OK. I LOVE working with glass paints and have been doing it for a long time. However, It has been awhile sense I actually painted something cause I have been busy doing word type things and badges etc. So the other day I just started with my leading paint and well, this is what I did.

This Angel is sooooo pretty.

The blue background has a nice crackle effect. The wings and her dress have a glitter effect to them that I hope you can see in the pictures.

I added a few rhinestones around her halo as well for more blingage sense she should "sparkle" heehee

The painted glass has been glued down to a wood frame that I added a little gold to (kinda distressed a little)

I think I will name her Sarah as she reminds me of my friends daughter. heehee Hope you don't mind Sabine?!
For now I will hang her on my wall in my studio, but I will be putting her in my zibbet shop and surely she will go with me to the next local art/craft show I attend if she hasn't found a new home to grace by then.

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Ms.Karen said...

Nice job Gena! I like the cystals inher halo