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Friday, March 4, 2011

Bleep my art says..

So, I was working on some glass art yesterday and the paint was not cooperating  with me. I had to keep taking off the little fine tip and scrape out the inside etc. meantime just running my mouth cause it was getting sooo frustrating. I got to thinking, what would one do if our art spoke back to us?

Not trying to sound crazy here, although I think I am.   LOL

Have you ever worked on a piece and spoke about it, or to it in perhaps a not so nice way? Well, what if it could talk back? What would it say? Most times I am in my studio painting or what not and I have my music on that relaxes me so it is pretty much a Serene atmosphere, but sometimes there are those moments in time where I can just cus out a paint brush cause the stroke isnt working out, or the paint color, elbow in the paint.  etc. Sounds like I have issues huh?  Thankfully this is rare, but it did make me think if other artist ever did this with their paintings?

I would think if my art could talk it would say I like loud music..heehee and have a messy studio most of the time. However there are a cpl of peices that might say something

So, what do you think your art would say?  Can you imagine it?


Frankie said...

Hmm. Your right.. Your a loon! hahaha.. Kidding.. I have never thought of this question before. Let me think... I do have those moments like you do also. I get paint all over my hands when I pick up a brush without realizing that it rolled into one of the colors. :) I guess if my could talk it would some points.. "easy.. easy.. Slow down " then it would say.. "uh what are you doing? That is not what you practiced before you started!" and finally it would say "now was that so hard?"

Creation's by Gena said...

Heehee I thought this would be kind of fun to post. Kinda makes one think about something they haven't before. Plus trying to be funny after my little incident. So, what would the painting you put the paint brush handle through say you wonder? "That is not what you practiced before you started!" LOL