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Saturday, January 9, 2010

For my swap-bot blogger swap partners

I just wanted to take a moment to those swappers that got my name for the the swap-bot blogger swap and say thank you for taking a look at my blog.

This is pretty much a new blog so forgive me that I don't have a lot of stuff on it. I started it to show my art and crafts to family and friends. I guess that is what most people do when making a blog.

Anyhow, Please feel free to browse my older posts etc. and make comments and I would love for you to be a follower!

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

I am known as creationsbygena on swap-bot


Terica said...

very nice blog ,thought I'd say Hi!

The Baroness said...

Whew! I found you! I accidently went to your website first. But I'm here and have enjoyed viewing your beautiful art! I look forward to really taking more time and going through past posts and seeing more of what you do. I'm Maggie Goebel (soyprincesa2) on Swap-Bot and am now following you!

SuperStar Chef Mark said...

You artsy people are so cool!! I'm so jealous. The artwork you've done so far looks awesome. I'm hoping that one day I will wake up and be crafty (don't think it'll happen).

Can't wait to see what you do with your blog!

-Mark (superstarchefmark) "Be my Blog Follower" -swapbot-