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Sunday, January 10, 2010

more simulated stain glass ACEO's

ok, here are more of my fabulous simulated stain glass ACEO's I just created.

I have to admit, cutting the plexiglass is not fun. I first use a little hand cutter but it took to long sawing through so I decided to use my dremmel. Well that cuts fine just melts the plastic which sTiNks and leaves a yucky back to the hand sawing for me as it gives a smoother finished cut.

The fun part is creating these little miniature art works to be simulated stain glass ACEO's.
These are in my etsy store so do check out my store by clicking on the etsy logo over on the right hand side of my blog! to make more!


penaddictkitty said...

okay, that is amazing! How do you do those? I love the girl with the bunny ears!

I'm one of your swap partners in the be my blog follower swap on swapbot (kaytd89). I'm excited to read of your blog! :)

O Arrow said...

Hey! Loving your art. I am your partner from swap-bot's blogger swap. Keep up the great work!

Deb said...

I am your partner from swap-bot on the follow my blog swap. I love the ACEOs that you made. Very talened! I will be following your blog!

Deborah (debrbrts)