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Friday, January 8, 2010

New simulated Stain glass ACEO's

OK. I was experimenting with two things I love to do. Working with glass paints and ACEO's and I came up with these.
My newest in ACEO art!
"Peacock" SOLD for 18+ on ebay
"Sleeping fairy" SOLD for 10 on ebay

I hope these are so different that they sell for alot as these are really hard to created in such a small scale. I surely am going to make more and list some in my etsy store.


Felicity Lingle said...

Those are so sweet!
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gena said...

Thank you Felicity!

沙羅 said...

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I really like these. Good luck selling them!

JuST AnOtHer WeiGhTloSS BLoggER said...

Hello. Swap-bot swap Be my blog follower on Blogger...minnie12. Wow those are amazing! Great job! I couldnt imagine trying to do something like that, that small let alone even how you did it LOL...Good luck on your many more you make and I am looking forward to seeing what else you make!

gena said...

aww Thank you guys. These are really small scale and I made 4 more tonight which my hand is surely hurting now. Once I am able I will post new blog showing them off. so stay tuned.....

Peace said...

Wow, I am loving these! Are they on acetate or glass or what? Beautiful! I'm gonna go poke around your blog some more! :OD
Peace (peacewytch from Swapbot)

Gena said...

I created them on thick plexiglass..which I hate HATE cutting let me tell yah. I need to find thinner plexi. But it sure is fun when I get to the painting part. That is why I love to have fun and make people smile!