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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ACEO's, Does anyone still buy them??

I was thinking about doing some ACEO's as it has been awhile. But I am thinking this is becoming a lost art as it would seem not to many people buy/collect them any longer. hmmmm I don't know.

Oh and ACEOs are mini works of art the size of playing cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). They are a fun and affordable way to collect art. You can frame them or display them in an album. They also make a nice surprise tucked into a greeting card for that special someone.

Anyone else enjoy making ACEO's?
Do you sell or trade your works?

I like to do both, but my sales seem to be at an all time low when it comes to my ACEO's
I do both Originals and prints. The printed ones are offered at a low price to make it even more affordable for collectors. I have some of my ACEO's over in my ETSY shop, but don't keep listing them over their due to the fees. Most all my ACEO's can however be found over in my ZIBBET shop.  
 I have found a wonderful site named that I also share some of my ACEO works, but again, just seems slow.

What do you think, is it an art form that is slowly vanishing? 
Either way, it is still something I love to do and will cont. to make them to sell and giveaway and of course COLLECT!

I like to keep the ones I buy or trade in a binder like the pic below (which are my own works of art), but the ones I collect I keep in another binder and keep them on my coffee table as they make great conversation books when people come over to visit. 

and for those that loooove to buy these little wonderful pieces of art, how do you display them and just wondering, where do you go to buy your works?

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AudreyStarJ said...

Hi, Gena. Saw your works on Zibbet (great stuff, btw!). Glad I found your blog too :-)
I was as of late wondering this same thing about ACEOs! I had a few on Zibbet, but have to renew them (& revamp my shop), & was checking other sites, curious if they're no longer 'in style' or demand. Thanks for writing this.
I LOVE the idea of a binder! I didn't even think of such a thing. I personally haven't collected any yet (I tend to get carried away w/collections :-) ), but have painted/sold some of my own (on Ebay mostly) in the past. Want to work on some more soon.
Anyway, great blog!