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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Water hose holder for the garden pinterest project.

I have been so busy on many projects that I keep meaning to get on here and share my newest creations, but then something else comes up and further and further behind I get.

So today is a bit of a catch up day.

This garden project idea also came from pinterest.
Don't you just love pinterest?

The inspiration came from the THISTLE HOUSE blog.
This was dated back in 2011, and doesn't show how to, but she tells you what she did and well....
 It was a WONDERFUL inspiration for me to do this!

So here is mine:

This turned out to be a great recycle project for me as we had an old 4x4 in the shed.
 I used a little paint roller (original post used spray paint) and I painted my post a pretty Aqua color.
Kinda hard to see in this picture.
I couldn't find a hook like the original post had, but the hubs found an actual water hose hook thing-a-ma-bob at Ace hardware for around 5.00. I have seen these for alot more so look around if you go this route.  It was green so I had to spray paint that black. On top of the post I found a solar light at Home depot for 4.88! 

There you have it. Another successful pinterest project completed.

Until next time...Have fun Creating your projects!

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Frankie Stockman said...

Hey Gena. I saw this on your facebook. I like the idea. I do need a hose hanger for my backyard actually. I might try it out. I need one for the front and the back.