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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hand Painted No Soliciting Sign

Does anyone else have this problem or is it that my house is just to inviting to EVERYONE!
It seems like once a week I get someone knocking on my front door wanting to sell me a vacuum, an alarm system (guess they can't see the sign for the one I have), magazines to help them win a trip blah blah and my favorite.. the church people wanting to talk religion! 

Stop already!

After they stop by my house I will literally watch them move on and NOT go to my neighbors on either side of me or the house caddy corner from me. What is that about? REALLY?

I love my house, and I guess it has that inviting look for everyone and anyone to stop on by.

Soooo I decided to make a no soliciting sign out of some scrap wood I have laying around.
I figured maybe this will be a "nice" way to say... turn around and KEEP MOVING.
(gosh I hate sounding mean)

Orignally I wanted to put it out by my mailbox, then thought... 
this might walk away so best put it closer to the house.

After creating one for myself, I then thought hmmm maybe others have the same issue?
So I decided to make a smaller one and post it to my etsy shop.
 Isn't it cuuuute?
It is hard to see in the picture, but there is glitter paint around the lettering so when the sun hits it just right, there is a little sparkle. 

Fun Fun Fun
Of course being from FL now in GA, I LOVE keeping with a Beach theme!
Weather you are looking for a sign to buy or inspiration to make yourself one...
Is this a bad way to say.... STAY AWAY?


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