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Sunday, January 15, 2012

New EOD subway art now in my etsy shop

Something FUN and new I am offering now in my etsy shop
Subway art. 
Subway art has become a common place item in most homes these days,
 so its a fun way to show various fonts in a subject matter you like. I admit- 
I, too, have been hit by the Subway Art craze. 
I just simply love the look of it! 
One rule to subway art...less is more! 
So, If you are an EOD tech, spouse, friend etc. I hope you like what I have done:)
And if you happen to make a purchase of this wonderful download printable from my etsy shop
I hope you have fun with yours and think of the fun you can have with these!

I think this one above would be awesome to print out and put into little frames that you can easily
 buy at the dollar store and give as gifts for Valentines day to EOD friends you may know.
As a EOD wife myself I felt these were some words that describe us. 
As a EOD wife we are Devoted to our husbands, supportive in what he does and to one another when they are in the field. 
Loving to our husbands and Proud at what our husbands do. 
We are tough because of what our husbands do which of course makes us strong! 
We embrace the good for we don't want to know the bad which makes us have a positive attitude..well most of the time LOL
 And we all know to be a courageous EOD wife you gotta be TOUGH for we are GREAT!
 After all, not everyone can handle being an EOD wife! :)

Now this 2nd one here below I have printed out and hanging in my own home in a frame that I painted blue. 
Looks soo cute and my husband likes it too! 

Be sure to stop buy my etsy shop to check out the wonderful Original EOD item's by CreationsbyGena.

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