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Saturday, November 5, 2011

New ornaments in my zibbet shop

New framed glass Christmas ornaments now in my Zibbet shop.

 this cutie is 8.50

 this one is 7.75

 this is only 8.00

'Tis the season to loose reason I say.
 I have been busy making little items here and there before some of my EOD custom orders are finalized and  then my time will be limited to do my random "fun" things. :)

I have also bought several little goodies on zibbet lately and I will try and do another show and tell  here on my blog this weekend like I have in the past. I love to show the item's I get from a seller and give a  "review"  and share their shop's for you to check out. Buying handmade really is helpful to a home business and (like myself) they  are very grateful to customers and honestly, I think you get the BEST customer service not to mention most of the time something Original and One of a Kind! 

The winter Holiday's are fast approaching so now is the time to start shopping for your home and for gifts...yikes!
Stay tuned and I will share with you some of my new creations and some creations from others for you to check out.

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