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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Easy face mask for dry dull skin...

A face mask to try to help with dry dull skin with a item you just might have in your medicine cabinet! 
In case you missed it...

Dr Oz gave several simple, inexpensive Beauty Remedies on his show I saw the other day (repeat) that he said can help to take 10 years off of your face. One of the areas he covered was a Dull Skin Remedy. You can brighten up your skin with something that you likely already have in your medicine cabinet 
– Pepto Bismol! 

Here is how you do it:
Dr Oz: Pepto Bismol Facial


- Pepto Bismol

- Cotton Balls
Dr Oz: Pepto Bismol Remedy


1. Soak a cotton ball in Pepto Bismol.

2. Apply a layer of Pepto Bismol to the skin on your face.

3. Let the Pepto Bismol dry for 10 minutes.

4. Peel off the face mask.

5. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

I finally tried it this morning and I have to say, as it dries it gets real tight on your face. I had to wash it off as it did not peel off like stated on his show. 

It is refreshing that I will say. As far as making skin brighter...not sure after just this one use, but I will surely use this again!

If you use it tell me what you think..


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Found you via my zibbet blog discussion and happy to follow you! Though I may have to work up my courage to put the pink stuff on my face...though my kids would get a kick out of it...:)))

Creation's by Gena said...

LOL That is funny! Welcome to my blog. I have to admit, I didn't tell my husband I was putting it on and when he saw it on my face he kept looking at me funny and then he finally asked if something was wrong cause my face looked a bit...odd. LOL oh yes...gotta love hubby's!