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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ga Peaches anyone?

Our big Peach tree we have in the front finally is letting go of ripe fruit after teasing us for months! 

I can not wait to make some spicy Peach butter and peach bread and peach shakes and and and...

I wish you could come over and take one right off the tree. I swear you have not had better peaches. They are so sweet and juicy.  I do not even know what type of peaches this tree produces but my neighbors tell me they are better then any store bought ones.
 We bought another peach tree 3 years ago. It is an Elberta Peach. It had a couple of peaches, but there were so few and the squirrels just ate them up. I can only imagine when we have that one as big as this one producing peaches. YIKES! 

We are constantly picking up peaches off the ground and throwing them in buckets cause they are no good. Once these things are ripe they just fall off. You got to pick them at the right time I swear. If you can get them off the ground right after the fall you are good. Just cut around the bruised part. These things do not keep long. I can honestly say that they are Organic. No pesticides at all used.  yum yum it is awesome to go right up to the tree and pick one and eat it right there...just be careful of the juices that run down your arm!

Time to run and get some canning jars so I can get started on some peach will be my first batch. Can not wait to try it on some peach bread!


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