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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Special EOD Thank you...


I wanted to do another THANK YOU to a very dear friend of mine whom bought my first EOD art pendant/necklace that I listed in my etsy shop. 

Sabine, Thank you so much! You are such a wonderful friend and a huge supporter/fan of my art and crafts and I am truly blessed to have met you while our husbands worked together back in the day. I sure miss when you lived right up the street, but you got to love the Military for moving us around. That is one thing I have to admit that was hard being a Military wife, it was hard to meet and stay in touch with the friends you come in contact with. However, Sabine you are a special friend to me and I am truly blessed we stayed in touch all these years sense you moved. Oh, by the way I still miss your coffee!!! LOL

I sure wish we made it to the EOD ball this year. Oh well, there is always next year!


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Anonymous said...

Owwww, thank you so much Gena. I got up this morning and when I read your post I had to cry a little. But instead of being sad that we had to move away I'm thankful that we got to meet.
Miss and love you.