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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of those little mysteries...

Soo I was wondering.... 
How does something so small poop and pee so much, but the real mystery is....

How do they pee out the back of the diaper?? LOL
 Andi had little Landon laying in her lap and I was in the other room when I heard, Landon honey, how on earth? Then she comes into the nursery and says she has a "special one" here I asked what happened. She showed me her wet spot on her leg and what happened. to to funny heehee

Oh those little joys you just gotta LOVE!

I sure will miss this little ham when I head back up to Ga later this week. It has been alot of fun. Some restless nights, but that is ok with me as I stay up late. I think Landon, Mommy and Daddy will do just fine and I am so happy I had the chance to help out. I told Andi and Scott to have a date night before I leave sense it might be awhile before they get another chance to leave this little handsome man with someone they trust. 
I sure am going to miss him!

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Frankie said...

man oh man he is so stinking cute. I would miss him too. I remember once Xander was in his walker and I went into the living room to see him and there was poop all over the back of the walker. I could not figure out where the heck it came from. He was only wearing a diaper! So I noticed that he had a track up his back! Somehow it shot out of his pants, up his back and splatted on the top of the walker. BOYS! :) Gotta love em.