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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On baby alert...

Well I finally made it to Jacksonville,FL my home town. YEAH!
I always hate the drive down and yesterday it was cloudy and misty rain all the way down, but I still made it under 5 hours. So now I am at my sister-in-laws house (Andi) and she looks GREAT for 9 months pregnant. 

She is scheduled for a c-section on Friday April 1st at noon. She is hoping she does not go before then as she wants an April Baby.  What is really exciting is we have no clue what she is having. She wanted to wait till the baby was born. How neat is that? I could not do it. LOL

Today is my youngest 20th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUG! It seems so strange that 20 years ago I was in HI giving birth to my daughter and now I am here in FL waiting for Andi's baby to arrive.  heehee
I was actually hoping for the baby to arrive on my bday (April 8th) as I thought how cool would that be of course I think my daughter was hoping the baby was born on her birthday. heehee

So now we are just waiting. Mama Andi is doing fine. She is a mess though, last night she was doing laundry, and vacuuming and hanging pictures in the baby's room. I was thinking, hmmmm isn't that the nesting instinct one has just before they give birth? heehee I think daddy Scott is stressed out. He just looks tired poor thing.  His parents are due to arrive tonight so I am sure that adds to everyones excitement level.  

So now we wait to  see what she is having. 

Andi with baby. Picture by Daddy Scott Johnson.

Will it be baby Emma or baby Landon? Stay tuned and see..... 

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