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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Counting down the hours till baby arrives.

Hey everyone! I just noticed that I have a few new blog followers and I would like to say Hi and welcome. 
Please forgive me as the next few entires will be mostly about my new niece or nephew's arrival.  

I am an excited Aunty can't you tell? So today I took Andi to the hospital so she can get her pre-op stuff done up before she goes in tomorrow for her c-section. Although, last night we thought that baby was going to arrive after a couple of sharp pains(Andi said they were kicks) and it moving like it was about to pop out like an alien baby. LOL It was funny, at one point Daddy Scott and I placed out hands on mommy's tummy and it was like that little peanut knew and he/she stopped. Go figure right.  heehee 

 Sense I have been down here it has been storming and raining and now the sun is starting to pop out...yeah just in time for baby.  I don't know why, but the sunshine just makes people happy. So this afternoon we are all taking it easy. I think mom and dad are enjoying their last day of peace and quiet before complete Causauce (sp) erupts. The calm before the storm if you will.

The baby room is all ready now. Andi hung up the art I created and a beautiful picture Scott framed up for her. The baby room is also the guestroom, but mama was saying she might be in there on some nights so daddy would not be up all night so he gets plenty of rest. Sooo sweet. These two are such a loving couple. Crazy as all get out, but just adorable together.  This is going to be one lucky and loved baby let me tell you.

 So, here are some pictures of the baby room I wanted to share.  
This is the entrance into baby room. That is the changing table you see and the picture Scott did up for Andi.
These pictures are so pretty that he took of Andi.  Sorry my flash was reflected off the glass.

Here you just see the "guest bed" and the crib and swing, chair etc. This baby room is (to me) so cute.
Oh, and the artwork you see on the wall around the window was done by yours truly. 

So now we are counting down the hours till baby arrives. It feels like Christmas eve as you wait till morning to unwrap your gifts so you know what you are getting.. suspense of the ultimate kind I tell yah. 

As we wait, I hope everyone has a great afternoon. Stay tuned for tomorrow I will do a show and tell of this little peanut we all have been waiting 9 months for. 


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