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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Much LOVE to Dede and the other Ustream ladies

Hey hey everyone!
I just wanted to say I had a blast at Dede's today, especially on her Ustream show. Those that got to watch it, I hope the 2 of us together with our Southern accents weren't to much for yah. She and I just have to much fun when we get together.

inkwell's coffee and art Ustream show today:

It has been awhile sense I have been at her place and she still has the studio that I could only dream about!
Darn, I just realize I forgot to snatch a collage she had done on one of her ustreams that I have been admiring for awhile...The Peacock... shoot I forgot to sneak it into my car when she wasn't looking..heehee To be honest.. I think she hid it from me as I did not even see it around..LOL Smart Dede Smart LOL

So..... today I worked on a collage that will be cut up into postcards and given away to one of the winners (Tammy) on Dede's Ustream show and then I just played with some of her inktense water color pencils as I do not have that brand and wanted to check those out. Oh I Will SURELY be buying the sticks when they hit the US. 

We also watched Mitzy on her ustream and she made a awesome beaded watch band and I am sorry I could not really watch it in detail as Dede and I were to busy just a yapping away and doing artage and eating LOL..but Mitzy what I did see VERY NICE and you made it look easy! I was in shock that you gave it away!!!  I will send you my address if you feel compelled to send one my way...LOL j/k

Then Dede and I did some collage gathering for some future projects that she will be working on for her etsy shop. I think we did more catching up then actual art today, but I had a BLAST either way.

Anyhowzzzzz, I wanted to say THANK YOU Dede for a great ART DAY and thank you to your wonderful Ustream followers for making me feel welcome. Dede did show me how to do ustream so perhaps in the near future I might try it out. When I get back from FL mid April I think I will be on again with Dede for another fun Ustream guest appearance..... if you can stand another show with the two of us that is heehee :)

Hope you all have a great evening!



Darcy said...

It was so cool to have you both there, sounded like you were having a blast. such a shame you didn't get to steal anything lol

Creation's by Gena said...

LOL oh I know Darcy. She did however give me alot of collage elements that I can use for my art journaling while I am in FL. Next time I am over there I will search for that peacock collage..LOL Thanks for watching!