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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1+ 2 = 3

So, I just decided to go public today with my new ARTFIRE online shop I opened earlier this month. This now makes 3 online stores I have. Crazy huh? Well, I don't believe in having all your eggs in one basket and figured I will give them a "try out" if you will.

I only have a basic membership on Artfire right now so my shop there will look a bit bare come to say my zibbet shop. I have a lifetime membership over on so most my items that I do sell will be over in that shop. Artfire does offer no fees (like zibbet) to their basic members so please if you sell online at another venue or thought about doing so be sure to check them out.

I will slowly discontinue my listings over in my etsy store as they have fees for listing and selling. I hate fees. They add up. Unlike Artfire and Zibbet where 1. you can list (limited listings) for free as a basic member 2. buy a year membership and then list and sell unlimited items with no more additional fees, well except for using paypal.  Besides this, Etsy has been getting a lot of negative press lately from what I have seen and heard and no one likes negative press. I would like customers to come to my shop not run away from it! lol 
Not to say I will never use Etsy, it just wont be my main store any longer like in the past.

So please be sure to check out my online shops (links over on the side tab on your right) where you will find aceos, paintings,crafts,simulated stain glass art, tags and well just about everything. I will try and be sure to keep my prices the same on both zibbet and artfire, but most times the listings over on etsy do cost a little more so I can try and re coupe the fees I endure for that listing incase you go over there and wonder why it cost more for something listed over there compare to my other shops.

Thank you ever so much for your interest in my works and for following my blog. I am really trying to be more active here and keep you interested so you want to follow me for if you are like me.. I LOVE interesting people.. heehee so be sure to follow and keep an eye out for my giveaways! Pssst if you follow/like my facebook fanpage I give hints on what giveaways will be coming up, but not when they will be posted over here! 
Gotta LOVE suspense! heehee

Have a lovely day everyone!

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