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Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Flies collage folder

A really good friend of mine; Dede, introduced me to collage art over a year ago. I was fascinated by how she made clippings from magazines along with paint, stamps,stencils, crayons etc. come to life.

Well, she started these fun ustreams that I have been following and it has sparked my interest in trying my hand at some collage art again as it has been a long time.

This is the inside.

This is the outside.

another outside view.

This is the folder closed and tied with a ribbon.
Back side.

front side closed.

So this one is inspired by one of her ustreams where she was making these collage folders from file folders. I thought how cool is that and had to make one. This is my first one.

I call it "Time Flies" so as you see there are watches and birds mixed in there. I still have to make the tags to go inside, but I wanted to share with you what I made as I am excited how it turned out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to do the tags to go inside ;)

Thank you Dede for the inspiration!


Frankie said...

That turned out really nice! I like it. So what would one use it for? For anything? storing things?

Creation's by Gena said...

I am making the tags you saw and placing inside. You can use this as a folder to store tags, atc's, what ever :0)

It is my first one so this one has a theme and the tags are representing Time Fly's for me when I am.... In the Garden or at the Beach or doing art etc.

inki said...

I love anything creative that serves a duel and function..the colors are good too! Nice work!

Creation's by Gena said...

awww Dede thank you. YOU were the one that inspired me to create this :)~