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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips for Cleaning your paint brushes

Here is some great advice on cleaning your art brushes. I actually saw this from a tweet and had to repost it here on my blog as I find it fascinating on what others do.

Top Paint Brush Tips from the Art Pros on Facebook

I might have to try some of these and see which one works best for my needs. heehee
What do you think?

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Frankie said...

I have tried the baby oil idea. It does work actually. I use it to scrape my pallet when I am done also. Makes the dried paint come off a little easier. I do let it sit for a bit first though. :) On my brushes it works also. The best thing to use though is "skin so soft" .. no kidding.. and you know if any of the artists want to buy some online.. I know a place they can get it! I have an avon site!