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Friday, November 19, 2010

an ETSY store to check out

OH you got to love fall. The cool days and cold nights!

I got to share a friend of mine ETSY store. She is a fellow artist that also crochet's.
I can't crochet to save my life..LOL but I would love to share her new ETSY store as she is trying to get her name out there and to encourage you to please check it out and pass it on if you don't mind.

She only has the one sale so far (from me LOL) and I am hoping she gets more. I think she is a little discourage right now, but I tell her to have faith. :)

She really has cute stuff for everyone and really great prices.

Good luck Frankie and I look forward to seeing more of your creations!

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Frankie said...

Thanks Gena. :) I am making a cowl for my mother in law right now. I am seriously supposed to be drawing! However I remembered that christmas is right around the corner. I am making her a cowl and the kids will be weaving her a case for her glasses. :) Same with Gpa. Classes case and a scarf. My mom will get a hat and a scarf.. my grandma will get slippers and a wrap for her shoulders.. :) She makes everyone something.. so I am going to make her something this year.. Only trouble.. I have to use purple! I may gag while doing it.. but I love her so I will hold it in. I will take pictures.. however.. we can not say what they are for or who.. because they read my blogs and stufffff... ;)