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Thursday, August 12, 2010

yeah, got a bid on a listing on ebay!

Ok OK I know... big deal right?
Well being things have been slow lately on my online stores to actually get a bid on one of my item's on ebay is really big for me...teehee it's the little things what can I say :)

Someone has placed a bid (and won) for my FOLK art Day of the dead sugar skull rag swag garland I made.

I started the bid at 14.88 as this took me a little time to create, but it was super fun doing.

I don't know if I will make another one or not. It really was a bit time consuming. I know I know like my paintings are not right? Well, I don't get stuck when I paint like I do when I sew...LOL

So I guess we will see. Perhaps I will get bored and work on another one and have a whole Day of the dead collection from Creations-by-Gena.

stay tuned....

*BTW thank you to the person that bought my rag swag...Hope you have fun with it as I did making it..teehee

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