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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New item's listed..

I have been a busy bee lately. Funny that I say that sense I was stung by a couple of bee's over the weekend while doing yard week. Man-O-Man that sure smarted!

Well I just listed a few new items in both my online store: ETSY and Zibbet
You can click on the little icons over on the right hand side of the page to go take a looksie.

Selling has been for the most part slow lately online. I couple of friends have bought items recently and I have several orders on hand, which I am GLAD about. Ebay has really been bad. I have listed a few items at rock bottom prices and still not moving. CrAzY.

I have been working on a art journal on the side that I plan on putting up for sale in one of my stores once I am done. Not sure about the price. Been looking at some and man they go for lots of money...well I should say priced high..not really selling...LOL

anyhowz... guess I should go see about dinner in the oven... until next time...

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