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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Commissioned art

My sweetie just got his badge for completing the Police Academy and the class always give the instructors a gift at the end of training. Well, he thought it would be cute to have me make these badges for them as it would be something very unique like the class.

I made 7 total.

Each one is a little different. Some have crackle on the badge, some have crackle flags. A few have dark silver badge backgrounds others have a gray. The wood frames are different too. The gold one is for a Sgt. so it is different. I had to line out the badge numbers as I was told I could not show these so that is why I have a line through the middle but all the numbers are Silver.

I did these at a huge discount, but by doing these I hopefully will have orders to create more!

Congrats to everyone and I hope the instructors enjoy their one of a kind simulated stain glass art!

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