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Sunday, May 11, 2014

little chicks, big chickens!

It's been awhile sense I shared pics of the girls. They are roughly 13 weeks now and look like chickens! LOL
They sure were cute when they were little yellow fluff balls, but now they are a hoot with such personalities. 

This is our first time owning back yard chickens and let me tell ya, so far I have loved every min. of it and it is sooooo worth it!

Every time I go out to their coop, no matter where they are at in their run they will run to the door to greet me! 

The funniest girl in our clutch is Shoyou. She is our White Silkie.
She is so funny to watch. She waddles when she runs and her and Fajita are best of buds!

Fajita is our big girl. She is an Ameraucana, although her colors are not the standard breed colors she is thus labeled as an Easter Egger. And trust me, Ameraucana breeders, the ones that breed true to the colors will quickly let you know too. LOL
Sesame is our other Ameraucana, I mean Easter Egger, (LOL) that we have. She is my favorite.  
She loves to jump on you! She's my purdy girl. teehee
 and last but not least we have Honey B (short for honey BBQ). Hey, don't judge!
She is our Buff Orpington

We got 4 great girls that I can not wait to get eggs from here in the future.
Should start around 20 weeks of age.
 So far they are very happy and healthy girls and I have been nicked named here at my house the mother of chickens as I really do spend alot of time with the girls. LOL 

Well, They grow up so fast and I want to be around them alot so they can be handled and are nice. 
No one likes a mean chicken after all.  teehee

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