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Monday, December 16, 2013

The chicken coop build...

So this Spring 2014, the hubs and I have decided to get some chickens. 
I've checked with our local zoning and we are allowed up to 4 chickens (no roosters) on 3 acres or less, so I am EXCITED! To start prepping for our new babies, the hubs started building a chicken coop from an old guard tower we had in our back yard fort area that the kids use to play in/on when they were young. 
He had no plans, just built this from his head. I think he did a good job and I will surely keep him. LOL
What's really special about this coop is that mostly recycled materials were used!

  yah, as you can see my now 26 year old son still plays on the rope bridge like he is 8! LOL
 He built it and I painted it. LOL
 I painted the little sign that went on the nest box area so you know where the fresh eggs are at.

So there you go. Our little chicken coop. 
We aren't done yet as we still gotta build the wire enclosure, but not a bad start wouldn't yah say?

Stay tuned and I will share more of our new Chicken venture as we move forward getting ready for our new babies. 

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