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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Large baby wipe case

I shared with you not to long ago a travel baby wipes case I did and where I got the idea to make it.
If you want to check that out click HERE.

Well, I finally did a large size. 
I could not find any DYI on how to make one so I kinda winged it using the same techniques as the travel one. 
 First off this one I bought...ugh... I should had bought a different type box. The top part was hard to do and ended up scrapping the idea of putting material on the top lid. If I do another one, I will look for one with a more "one piece" lid. This one had 3 sections to work around!

Ok so here is what I did.
First I glued the whole thing with some batting. Alot of cutting and gluing here.
I started out gluing it on with a glue gun but then ran out of the glue sticks so I finished it with some Arleene's clear Tacky Glue. Took a little time for the tacky glue to dry (over night) but once it did it held just fine.

Then I found some material I wanted to use (My sister's nursery theme is Charley Harper) and cut it out for around the edge. That part was easy. 
Then came the top. 
I took the lid off and cut one big piece to go over the top. Then I cut out the lid part. Once I had more glue sticks I then Hot glued the material on. Well needless to say, I did not like the lid part so I pulled that all off. 

Once I had the material on I then used some yellow ribbon and medium rick rack.
 yup, hot glue as well. 
So then I was thinking what should I do with the top side, that pop up lid? hmmm
So then I took two faux daisy flowers I had and took off the hard plastic green bottom and then I glued the two colors together and put on my lid. 
Then I put a large rhinestone in the middle I went around it with some green glitter stickles. 
Then I thought it needed more. So I added some yellow ribbon and yellow rhinestone.

Here is what it looked liked in the end:

Now I have two types of baby wipe cases for my sister. One for the nursery and one on the go.

They are really easy to do once you get the material sized and where you are going to glue it. 
You can add anything on top really. 
So if you are looking for something to give as a gift or perhaps for yourself..
try making one of these baby wipe cases.
 A fun way to add some Boutique style to a nursery.


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