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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Making blankets and burp cloths for my new niece..

Soo I finally started making a few things for my new baby niece. 
She isn't here yet, but I am thrilled to be able to try my sewing hand to make a few creations.
 This first blanket is a no sew fleece tie blanket. 
I love what this blanket says! teehee
I got the idea for making this no sew fleece tie blanket HERE
If I can do this...ANYONE can do this I tell yah!

To match the I love Mommy/I love daddy blanket I did 2 burp cloths.
 Now these I had to sew with the machine then tie the ends.

I want to do a quilt for my baby niece, but I doubt I will be able to have one one before she arrives. 
I hate that my baby nephew Landon is already 2 as I wanted to make him some cute stuff too.
I am making a fun minky blanket and burp cloths and
I will share those in another post once they are completed.

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