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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cupcakes with White chocolate icing..yes please!

Today being my birthday, I knew I did not want a store bought cake. 
You know the kind with that heavy thick sugar icing on it. 

So I decided I wanted to make my own. Well, make cupcakes that is. 
 So here is my easy recipe for my Birthday cupcakes with white chocolate icing...

It is real hard now so follow along..

I made a white cake as directed on the box. I know HARD right!
Any brand will do. I wanted a white cake to keep it a little lighter in calories...
haha as if!

so I baked my cupcakes in cute black and white paper cups I found.
So far easy right?

Once done, I took them out and let them cool COMPLETELY.

The box mix I used made 24 large cupcakes.

ok now for the icing.

1(one) 4oz pkg of pudding (instant-any flavor), 
1 cup of milk. 
Mix till it starts to get firm 
then fold in  (lightly mix by hand) 1 tub of *cool whip. 
(I used reg cool whip, but I am sure you could use the extra creamy kind)
I put it in a zip loc baggie and cut the corner to ice my cupcakes. 
Easy peaszy and lite.
 Not sooo heavy like regular icing.

On top I actually shredded some Choc Almond bark using my carrot grater.
 I wanted to use the white choc Almond bark but I didn't have any on hand. 

*If you don't like cool whip then make your own whipped topping with some heavy whipping cream.
Whip till fluffy then fold into the pudding/milk mixture. 

Soo good. 
Happy Birthday to ME!


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