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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunny Sunday

So excited to FINALLY SEE THE SUN!
It's a Sunny Sunday! woot woot

Last night I did not get much sleep. Not sure why. I hate those type of nights.
I went to bed around 10, but I stayed up watching tv. Before I knew it, it was 3:10! Oh but wait.. the time CHANGED so it was 4:10am! YIKES!
Thankfully I was finally able to get to sleep around 5:30am and slept till 9am. 
Don't you hate nights like that. Do you have nights like this when you just can't sleep for what ever reason?
So I am sure come later today I will crash...hard, but for now I am feeling pretty good. 

Hopefully I can work a little in the studio today and once the sun reaches a certain area in the back yard I want to go bask in it and warm these old bones! I am sooo tired of winter and the next few days here it will be in the mid 60's! Ahhhh Spring is in the air! Thankfully, nothing is in full bloom yet as my allergies will be kicking in and then I cannot be outside. 
Always something right? 
Think it is time to move to the BEACH! 

So, here is to wishing you a great Sunny Sunday where you are 
and I hope the time change hasn't messed up your internal clock to bad.  
(I hate that feeling of being a hour off today)

Have a grrrrrreat day!

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