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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old blog now a new blog...ugh...

Ok. I think..I think I have my blog link fixed. 
Dummy me went and made a changed in the link address and it was suppose to link or sync with the new one and it doesn't seem to be. 
 SOoooo I had to go change some things. 

Unfortunately if you followed my blog under creations-by-gena you will now see that it has moved. 

The new link doesn't have the - in it. 

Here is the new blog link..sorry about the mess...

ooooooh what fun y'all. 
I am now having to go through and edit all the pics in my pinterest that I did from my blog 
from creations-by-gena to creationsbygena...hahahaha 
I am laughing on the inside so I don't cry on the outside..and asking myself...
why did I make that change...why?? LOL

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