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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fun with felt owls

Hi everyone!
It has been FOREVER sense I wrote anything on here and I apologize to keep you hanging . 
The Christmas holiday's have me so bogged down with orders that I hardly have anytime to really do anything else then I finally took a much needed break and now I am back in action! woohoo

Now that the Holiday's are behind us (boo) I am back in the studio and creating more fun stuff.
I have to admit, It has been a slow start for me to get going again. I had been on such a fast pace right after Thanksgiving up till Dec. 20th, then I took time off and now it is like uuhhh what do I do and where do I start. LOL

So here is my first item of the year that I made. 
Felt owl ornaments.

 I have seen these all over and I just had to make some. 
I only made 2 polka dots and 2 green ones so far, but will make more.
These little guys were hand-sewn, but I finally got a sewing machine for Christmas and I cannot wait to make pillows. Right now, baby steps while I figure out the machine. LOL

Have a great day and Owl be seeing you soon!

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