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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chevron birdie painting I am working on..

I LOVE all these Chevron striped projects everyone's doing these days so, of course, I needed to make one too. This first one is a sample to see if I would like the colors. I did this on a 8x10 canvas panel. I am wanting to do a larger one on stretch canvas for my bedroom.. 

I know there are different ways of doing this. I used my triangle and lightly drew out a pattern with a pencil on the canvas panel after I painted it white.
Next time, I will add/paint the chevrons on before doing the birdies as it is a bit hard painting around something you drew. Not to mention, alot or erasing!  LOL
So now I decided to color the birds. I couldn't decide if I wanted like a burnt red or a grey. 
I went with a grey, as these are the colors I would like to do my bedroom in sometime this spring.

 Now I am waiting for this to completely dry and I will then distress it. I love how this looks, but I want to give it a some depth and figured if I distressed it some that it would work. Hopefully I wont ruin it.  
Stay tuned to see end result on another posting....


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