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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Custom EOD Prayer on glass

This is a EOD prayer by 
Rev Carl Bergstrom
Past National Chaplain, DAV
that a Fellow EOD wife sent me and asked if I could put it onto glass like I do my EOD wife prayer. After several start ups, this is my final one.
I did a master badge on the back side in a clear and frost design then I did the prayer on the front side.
 The prayer reads:

Lord of power and might,
whose mercy is everlasting,
guard and guide those who
place their lives in the balance
to ensure the safety of those nearby.

Look with favor upon those with
the prowess and skill to disarm
explosive devices, render them safe,
and remove from others the threat of harm.

Bless those who have been set apart
by this hazardous duty, and give support to
their families and loved ones
who wait through each tense call.

Receive into eternal rest those
who have given their lives
and bring healing to those who mourn.
Grant that in the EOD Family
there may be unity of spirit
for the well being of all.
To your glory with grateful hearts
we thank you loving God.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can you share your EOD master badge eps so that a friend of mine can create one for me? I loved your idea and my EOD son-in-law is back in Afghanistan for the 7th deployment. I want to do this for our daughter. He left a 5 week old baby girl at home when he left.