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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HARVEST Hips-n-Pods Primitive Chunky Fixins are back!

I am so pleased to be back in stock with these delicious smelling chunky fixins.

You can find my chunky scented Cornucopia Prim Mixture in my zibbet shop
These are made of dried putka pods(these pods look just like mini pumpkins),flower pods,nut pods, acorns, acorn tops and other botanicals along with rosehips and crushed corn cobs and fragrance beads which is the best fixative for absorbing oils all mixed in to make my very own blend of Hips-n-pods. You might even find some crow tarts mix in and some rag balls! :)

These are scented in my very own scent: 
Cornucopia (Bountiful with crisp apples, pears, plum, grapes, nuts, and hints of caramel, and spice this fragrance is perfect for fall or for those like me that just like this Fall scent year round.

Be sure to get yours while supplies last!

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