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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Proud ARMY wife wine glass...

Show everybody how proud you are to be a ARMY Wife. This hand painted 20 oz wine glass will make the perfect gift for a friend or even for yourself.

Feel even more special by personalizing your glass. Add YOUR name, a date or initials on the bottom base (as shown). This glass is pink and black with a couple of cute glass Swarovski rhinestones on it. Please allow 2 days to complete before shipping it to you. I already have it partially done, just waiting for your name :)

While the hand painting is done with much care and lots of detail, as well as baking after the painting to ensure that the paint doesn't leave the glass, there are some care tips that you should follow to ensure a long life shelf of your decorative wine glass..

When you clean then you need to gently wash them with soapy water using a cloth or a mild sponge, but be careful of the rhinstones. Don't put them in the dishwasher because after a few times the paint will chip away and you will end up with boring, bland clear glasses instead. A wine glass care sheet does come with your glass to help ensure it's long life :)

Price of the glass (24.00) includes priority mail shipping to a US address. Please no PO boxes. 

Get yours HERE!

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