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Saturday, March 3, 2012

New painting started..

It has been over a year now that I did this one painting that my daughter fell in love with and snatched it away when she moved out when she joined the Coast Guard.
It is a large 16x20 wrapped canvas

Goodness, this painting gave me alot of grief and I can pick it apart, but she loved it and well, that is all that counts right? 
She even told me one day a lady was at her door to deliver something to her and was like I love that painting where did you get it? Of course this made Tracie beem to say oh my mom. LOL

Last summer she asked me if I could do another painting of a face so she could have 2 of them to hang up in her apartment. Well Lazy me FINALLY started on something tonight. I figure it could be a Birthday gift.

Here I thought I would share just the rough outline I did in pencil.

It is another face, but this time I think I will go with the colors of green sense that is her favorite color. 
I will share the progress so stay tuned. 


Frankie Stockman said...

So if she reads your blog then the jig is up! She now knows what she is geeting for her bday! hahah.. :) I will stay tuned. I just posed another picture of my painting too. Going SLOOWWWW.

Creation's by Gena said...

Hey Frankie! It's ok as she knows I am working on one for her. I want her to see it to be excited about it and then hopefully it will make her want to get home that much faster to get it! HAHA I still need to work on the pin up girl water color that she asked for too. Hopefully, I can start on that this week as well. :)