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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My entry to the zibbet Spring Challenge..

Today I finally entered my recycled item into  the Spring Challenge.

The Challenge is to use some kind of trash or recycled materials incorporated into some form of art, be it, fine art, crafts, or a vintage item that was ready for the landfill or plucked from your neighbor's trash that you have turned into a work of art. The entry has to be related to the subject of the season Spring in some way. It can be something made entirely of trash saved from the landfills or have some kind of trash incorporated into the project. 

Pretty neat challenge!

This adorable tin can basket was created using a large green bean can. LOL I know, I know a bit odd right. Well, how many times do we go through canned goods and think hmmm wish there was a way I could recycle this can? So this time I had a great reason to recycle!

I took my Large green bean can, painted it and I took some scrap papers, and I mean old torn up papers I found laying around and glued them on. Then I used some acrylic paints I had in old bottles that I had to add water in just to make them pliable enough to use as a little fill in for even more color. I then painted on two pink birds and used a cut out of an eye from magazines. The crowns were made from card board to make them stand up better. I also added some flower stickers and glitter paint and I did a little bit of stamping too.

After everything was placed I then added a gloss varnish to coat it all and help protect. I then added fun rhinestones for sparkle and shine and I made a cute wire holder using some spare wire I had and misc beads I had around and I tied some ribbon to the ends. Oh, and the legs of the birds are little sticks I found in the yard. The inside of this can holds shredded paper I did from a brown paper bag, but you can always take that out if you don't want to use it.
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Happy Spring everyone!


Debstar said...

Very cute. That would be great with a few Easter eggs in it.

MadeByTammy said...

So cute! Love it!